Saturday, May 13, 2017

An Elven Tale III - Full version

Follow the story of Aria, a futanari-angel trapped by an upstart futanari dark-elf in a raid on the underdark and forced to become a lewd Arena fighter for her mistress amusement.. or does the cunning Vara have further plans for her angelic servant?
This story focuses on Futa-lewdities, with a touch of enslavement and corruption/purification. Side fetishes include lactation, monstergirls and mental changes.

Hope ya enjoy, tell me of any bugs-misspellings that slipped under the radar.

Find the full version Here

1.Goo-girl Host
2. Cow girl slave
3.Succubus plaything
4. Undecided
5. Obediant little slave
6. Disobediant naughty girl.

Next up: Aggra is continuing the work on/Bugfixing Ameria, whilest I prepare the next release for TLDH, introducing the lewd slave-bazaar.

Oh and by the way, if you like that writing, was done mostly with Mindflayer, you can check out their gaming over on twitch. Because why not check out the gaming from lewd writers you like? :P

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Tales of Ameria

In my newest game, Tales of Ameria you slip into the shoes of Julia, a young investigator for the ASP, Agency of Supernatural Phenomena who look into claims of supernatural sightings like demons, spirits, or metahumans around the world. In this first adventure, Julia returns from her vacation, looking into suspicious rumours involving trouble in a hospital. Will she be able to find out whats going on in time, or will she fall victim to mysterious influences and become the cursed hospitals newest victim?
In the current build, you will be able to take your first steps on your journey.
Leading Julia from her return until her first days of working as a nurse. There is currently one of three types of work to be done there.
The ER is patiently awaiting Julia to serve their patients in all kinds of kinky pleasures. The not yet released parts of the hospital will be a fun time with a lesbian nurse inside the surgery room, the other one will lead you to the ward, turning down all of the naugthy requests of the patients, or maybe give in to them?
Currently there will be also a little side quest for a massage parlor where you can take a heavenly good massage from a skilled masseuse. He may lead Julia to a more fullfilling live as a prositute like masseuse.
The last bad end that I have in the game right now is a pervert inside a convenience store, looking for new girls to enter his gravure Idol harem.
The menu is pretty bare bones and I will add more and more things for the player to look at.
I will add a corruption and brainwash menu, a way to see what day it currently is and definitly create a playback room to see all of the naughties you have already seen ingame
I hope you will enjoy my game and help me make it into an even greater game then the order!
feel free to improve it xD

Next weeks/patreon release: A little, fully playable CYOA from Deva.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Dark Recruitment 0.28

An update to Dark Recruitment, no, you are not forgotten. Contains two hentaiscenes, one of which is a soft-vore gameover, you've been warned, and a lil bit of story progression, up to the Tower of Mistress Bathory.

Next up/Patreon preview: Aggra has been hammering away at his new game, Stories of Ameria, alternate world paranormal investigation starting in a lewd hospital and it'll soon be ready for a peek at its erotic content!

Sunday, April 16, 2017

The Last Demonhunter 0.64

In this release:
-Extended ending 11 with hentai arts, as per the briefly reached 800$ patreon goal. Can we do it again for moar?
-Added content to the desert-town, with an inconspicious trap that will be expanded upon in the next release
-Some bugfixing on scriptz.

Next up: Plan to cliffhang-tease the Auctioneer, and work a bit on Dark Recruitment instead. After dealing with easter nonsense and family members moving where I got.. darkly recruited myself, that release will be on the 29th of april!

Saturday, April 1, 2017

A positive porn experience.

 Hello everyone,

lately, while creating new content I've been wondering.. how can I give my game more meaning? How can I define it as a positive experience for the player? Sure, its pornography, but.. isn't the purpose of pornography to make you feel.. good?

So! I have found a very skilled spiritualist that will charge my patreon-previews with positive energy, allowing everyone downloading them to feel good through their soul, whilest their body feels good through the hentai.

I call this concept Spirit Porn, the erotica that fucks your soul. I'm sorry that I have to limit this to the paying patrons for now, but charging up an electronic download uses up a suprisingly high amount of Karma, I've been told, so I can't, at the point, offer it for free, though it also supports the game creation along the way, so thats a plus!

You can see more at: The patreon page!

Saturday, March 25, 2017

The Last Demonhunter 0.63

New update to The Last Demonhunter, this time with another lewd patreon request I took a little further because.. dragonsex! 

-Now with three sexy dragon variants, in a swamp/ice/desert cave respectively. The Dragons give no gameover, but rather let you rest at their place for.. a minor fee. So nice of them. Just make sure not to steal any of their loot, that might make them angry.
-Dragon Ayla transformation added.

Hentaiscenes done by Seventh Heaven.

Next up: Hammering on on the desert town and one moar patreon thingie, an extension to ending 11 with another Hentaiscene.. but first looong work week to survive. ^^

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Tales of Ameria

Aggra is beginning a new game .. perhaps series, the first installment set in the modern world, where our heroine is set upon a mission to uncover reports of mysterious activity around a hospital
Aggra plans to stream game updating every friday evening(18-20 o clock gmt) for more details check out his blogpost here:
Below some sample artz, click to enlarge: