Saturday, March 25, 2017

The Last Demonhunter 0.63

New update to The Last Demonhunter, this time with another lewd patreon request I took a little further because.. dragonsex! 

-Now with three sexy dragon variants, in a swamp/ice/desert cave respectively. The Dragons give no gameover, but rather let you rest at their place for.. a minor fee. So nice of them. Just make sure not to steal any of their loot, that might make them angry.
-Dragon Ayla transformation added.

Hentaiscenes done by Seventh Heaven.

Next up: Hammering on on the desert town and one moar patreon thingie, an extension to ending 11 with another Hentaiscene.. but first looong work week to survive. ^^

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Tales of Ameria

Aggra is beginning a new game .. perhaps series, the first installment set in the modern world, where our heroine is set upon a mission to uncover reports of mysterious activity around a hospital
Aggra plans to stream game updating every friday evening(18-20 o clock gmt) for more details check out his blogpost here:
Below some sample artz, click to enlarge:

Saturday, March 11, 2017

The Last Demonhunter 0.62

Beginning of the large desert town, while incomplete it already has a library with some backround writings and another lewd scene, this time focusing on Rose.  Enjoy!

Next up: Various Draconic encounters with slightly individual lewd scenes for them Hentaiscenes done by Seventh Heaven.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017


-Aggra did a big bugfix update to the full version of the Order, moar tinkering to come! Just re-download the game file.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

The Order Of Light - Final version

Well, imagine that final in quotation marks, as the Admirer path from the tower onwards and the demon path, at the succubus queen are not finished and theres a bunch of typo-editing-cleaning work to do.. BUT! This is the 1.0 for the normal path, you can complete it to the final ending, the other paths will be releases as DLC's, while Aggra focuses on a smaller game (like St.Marcus) to relax, before tackling the next big thing. 

In this version you can play until the end and stop Sintras plans of world domination.. or be stopped and dominated by her. Enjoys!

Next up: upcoming Desert town shenanigans in The Last Demonhunter

Saturday, February 11, 2017

The Last Demonhunter 0.61

-Desert Town completed (small entrance town only, bigger one coming soon!)
-Lost Slimey encounter IV added
-Interlude/Storytime IV, added and remastered with lewdities depending on the respective companion you chose to go with.
-Weird bug fixed

~Enjoy! Next update: Order of Light final release is slowly approaching, endings for the normal path are coming!

Friday, February 3, 2017


Update update: Being Dramatic got bored, so I updated TLDH, made a new roleplay here: and now I'ma nap. ^^

Update: Got banned from the collective. Well, you call it a bann, I call it a divorce. I'm keeping the fun rps and the most awesome rpers, you keep your 'no more than X rps per person' and 'you must have a co-dm before you can play' rules, sounds cool? Does to me. 
For those wishing to reach me, find pervy at where I'm already starting up a new rp to try and fill the hole MC collective left, or, if you want a more personal chat, email me, pervyfantaysproductions(@ don'ttypetherestinbracketsbecausescrewyoumailbots) Thanks for all the support from you folks.

First of all, sorry to everyone whos rps I can not finish.. but I invite you to come with me, or suggest a website to join on to continue. I will not abandon my rps if you do not. I simply had to abandon the MC Forum.

Oh my god who cares! Well, for some its a guilty pleasure to read Drama, admit it. For me.. I feel I have a right to present my side of the equation, to whoever cares.

You see, after pushing on and continuing three roleplay campaigns on the MCCollective, where I have.. a looot of posts and a bunch of side rps going, I just.. I grew weary. I grew tired. 
We all know administrators. Some are great, some are dicks, .. some are dicks in a pretty disguise.

What happened you ask? I was made to publically apologize a while back.. Oh nues! Pussy Deva can't say they're sorry for being an asshole! Well, slightly rude fictitious reader, its more complicated than that. You see, a fair part of what lead to me struggling was the Head Admins stacking of the cards against me and infact outright lying to punish me for speaking my mind harshly too often as well as a person I, allegedly, had driven away for the egregious crime of pointing out 'Dude, if your posts are several weeks apart I don't really want to rp with you'. That one guy somehow became became ten, a moderator I had tried to reach and chat with after a disagreement I could not contact.. turns out later that the admin told him NOT to speak to me. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Now, obviously I tried to defend myself, explain myself.. That turned my simple warning to be nicer into 'apologize in public or I'll bann you and post all your misdoings.
Yes, said Admin demanded a public apology for something she had misunderstood me as saying.. I simply got the guy that the misunderstanding happened to on the line, made them say they don't actually -want- the apology and.. The Admin didn't quite care what that person did or didn't wish for. Sometimes you need to teach people a lesson, after all! To be fair to Tera, she has at first been kind to me, just as I helped out with patreon setups for the website but.. she has all the power as Admin, I have none. Little I can do if she begins to dislike me, for whatever reason, and works to push me out. Was that her intent? Perhaps not. But it quite certainly feel like it. She is good at manipulating people, good at sounding nice and friendly... until she isn't anymore.

Well, I wont be going back to the McCollective, despite being a patron, so I feel I should go ahead and post what crimes were there, for all of you to judge. Condemn me if you will, post your hate comments, I can take them, but I have changed my prefered roleplaying website to another.. and I feel that is my right.

 Judge for yourself. I'm not claiming to be in the right, I do like saying things like 'dude, if you keep them waiting for a month without a warning, why bother?' Which is.. wrong on the collective. For this community, inactivity for months is fine. But I digress. I am saying.. certainly, she isn't as kind as she pretends to be either. Read on if you don't believe me... or ignore this annoying drama nonsense, update to TLDH coming next weekend y'all!

I provide you with screenshots as proof. I'd feel bad about dropping names, but they are just forum synonyms, after all.

I know the pictures below are cut up and you might suspect I pick and chose what fits my narrative, but frankly, I do not care enough about this to edit and upload ALL of the conversation.  Some of it was just me begging her to be reasonable and at least her me out, with a lot of 'you're a meanie pants and this is your fault' in response.

What do I want? Frankly, a public apology from her, or Tera banning herself for a week as she offered me, because by now, she's done as much if not more harm to the community as she claims of me, but baring silly dreams like that.. I just want to run fun and kinky erotic roleplays without any, or at lesat with little drama.. contrary to what this post implies. :p If I cannot find it on the collective.. I have to pull my consequences. Frankly, if you see some of what has been posted, I think you might want to too.

It all starts out with a warning pm from the Admin.

My reaction to this is 'wait, wait, hold on now, what did I do, why is that against the rulez?
Next, I added: I'm not a detriment to the community, alright? (By the way, I sent more pms to Tera than her to me, not trying to leave out things she said.. I was.. distressed about this, naturally.

So her reaction is 'Yeah, you add to the community, but you hurt it more, repent.
I was like, hold on, how am I doing this? That rp limitation rule was bullshit and you knew, and I'll call it that again. Still I ask you just talk to me, talk to the community, before bringing out new rules.. or punishments.
Teras reaction was.. less than pleasant. 'Your warning has just been upgraded because your defending yourself offends me! I want to point out that when -I- brought up the leaving the website option she first put on the table, she called it me 'threatening her' and being passive aggressive.'
This is from today, but an  interesting insight about the workings of Teras mind, put side to side with her earlier.. offer. By the way, those insults? Never happened. I dare her to show the row of insults I threw at her.. Admittdly, I did tell Tera to fuck off for ruining the fun rps I had with one of her moderator, but more to that below.

So, back to trying to argue my case, I'm like, alright, public apology, but why? The player I argued with is annoyed at me but doesn't even want one, so wtf?

I followed this up with a 'Hey, come on, you first said you'd warn me, but now, for not accepting guilt until proven innocent this happened? I just asked, repeatedly, for a chance to explain things from my view, for Tera had misunderstood Nevermourned position, believing I told them to quit.. when they were like 'I quit this rp with you'! and my response, I'll admit, a bad response, was 'Then you might as well leave all my games if you can't play with me..'

Finally, when faced with that fact, Tera insisted, well, I can still punish you. I asked, why, what have I done, please show me where I did wrong and I will apologize. Then she came up with this list. now keep in mind,  she told me a total of 10 people have left her forums due to me. earlier, to pressure me into accepting my faux(or at the very least, not completely right) guilt. Now I ask you, dear reader, would you consider it a hyperbole if only 7 or 8 left? Would you consider it a blatant falsehood if only one left, a person with barely 100 posts on the forum and questionable online times?
This, is the breakdown of that list of Deva, the Vile. Frankly there can't be ten people leaving because of me, because.. at the time a bunch of them were rpying. With me. I explained this. I called Tera out on it. I said, yes, I had done wrong, but she too had manipulated and guilt-tripped me, so if I were to apologize, we should do it together. She.. refused that, insisting the whole blame of this was on me, that my apologies in the past, or these things being from long ago mattered not to her. To be frank, if I could now, I would add 'Yeah, Anaximanes shouldn't pay to get modding powers, unless he is qualified, wtf Tera?'
But Tera would not be swayed by reasoning. By now it had become a powerplay for her. Is that assumption on my part? Yes. But who here couldn't at least see a case for this assumption by now? Banning me or making me leave would hurt more rps even her own mods infact, than it'd help by .. I don't know, humiliating me? I don't care about apologizing and I did, in order to keep my rps going, but being threatened with permabann .. it does ruin your enthusiasm.
I tried to contact the player I had priorly offended.. of course they were a bit annoyed, but made clear they did not require this apology.. an opinion that was not shared by Tera.

I just find it ironic that in one pm I am dealing with a jealous Head Admin and in the next I pm about a lewd rp with the person I've been accused of hurting, the moderator Silverkat. Did I say jealousy? Well it sounds far fetched. You propably think 'Deva is in the wrong and what is this rpying nonsense anyway, I want moar hentai!' However, even if everything regarding me is lies, deceit and nonsense.. hold on, go on andf read Youkais, the other mods account on this matter:

This actually happened a while after my apology. Youkai says that the grievances we had.. were because of them. But far more interesting, the reason I have not ever recieved an answer when I tried to say hello and work things out.. is Tera. Think this is just appeasement?

Again. Silverkat. Youkai, they don't think Tera did me just either, but they bow to her decisions.. as a friend. I personally believe that the one she has messed with the most are her two moderators.. Remember that shitty rp limiting rule from earlier? I know that at least one mod was vehemently opposed to it, knew it was designed to mess with only the most active rpers without rhyme or reason.. but they were intimidated, to stand up and say no to Tera, nice, friendly, cruel, manipulative Tera. That is how I have experienced her. And after seeing these images.. perhaps you at least see why.

Again.. sorry to my roleplayers. I wish I could have done this any different way, but the slow to respond, grumpy me you've seen in the past weeks since the apology just got worse and worse and ruined even my mood to push on for your sake. I got derogatory pms whenever I disagreed, and if it was with a player not liking my DM style, I've felt as if I cannot even express my thoughts anymore, I felt loathed by the one person you can't fuck with on a forum, the Admin. Shoutout to: Pedoune the great sub, Lunaraia the naughty evil mistress crafter, Zeegee, the most reliable rper you'll ever meet, TooSpooky, an annoying, smug, helpful reality check, Raffa, the only one meeting me in crazyness, maybe, MortalitasBorealis, one of two people, looking at Tabico, whom I can without shame claim is a better story writer than me, Pyro, whom I wish we could have seen eye to eye on the erotica train,  Silverkat, who I had great rps with and so regret Tera forced us apart, Youkai.. who I think I could have gotten along with, Silentwatcher, whos philosophy I don't agree with but whose jokes I do, Nevermourned, never seen anyone so eager to make new, lewd doms, JfSeiki, where are you at man? DrgnmasterAlex who, with the short rps we managed to share I quite enjoyed spending time with, Obediant Tara, without whom there'd be no Elven Tale I, The_Lone_Master, without whom there'd be no elven tale II, DaBomb, who could become a great DM with just a little more faith in themselves, WillingSubject for crafting my first, intriguing mind campaign, my only regret being that it too had to end, and come on man, you can do a less shitty ending than that! Finale: A shame you've been driven away from forum rps. Be well my friend, wherever you be. Jeri-Kun who did some kinky stuff I wont lie, Mike_the_Magi with whom I wished I could have rped more, Shadow_72(was it?) Who'd be a great erotic writer, a few months of grammar spankings down the line, Etalla, who I'd love to write with if our fetishes weren't diagonally opposed and whos a much better artist than she thinks.. seriously, give it a few months of training and work on your hands and you can sell that stuff.. and I comissioned a dozen artists, I'm not fucking with you here. Symeon, who I wish had done more ebil mistresses stuff with me, Director, who I sadly mesh with rp wise, but who still was the one to inspire me to create The Last Demonhunter in the first place, over four years ago, Bluehairedgirl: You were hot as fuck, don't be scared of your own shadow. Petkitsune, who I believe I could have had great fun with, Chaosrevolver, who supported my silly topics, MDQP, who makes some of the kinkiest games, Anaximanes, who is a massive dick, but also makes kinky games, I was wrong to kinda sound as if I look down on your twine games.. well they are super easy to make, but you put in the effort to justify respect. Oh and while at it, whoever wants to revive Demon town, good luck, you'll need it, try to reduce the branching paths to save your soul(s). Btw, Ninja, big fuck you to you, you are a psychopath, no I mean for reals and erotic roleplay is about mutual respect.  I've turned subs into swarms of mind controlled insects, done vore, hardcore torture, death and corruption/mindcontrol/bestiality is just my kinda thing and YOU creep ME out. Favea_Catena: Same for you, I don't get you but I know you've driven others with sexy rp ideas away with your insane drama skills and insaner needyness. You don't respect privacy, or anyone not playing by your rules. I tried to get along with you over a dozen pms but everything one says to you just antagonizes you further and if its the most harmless shit. You are a ticking timebomb. Oh, but anyway also sorry to the bunch of people whos name I ashamedly forgot, but have stuck to my lewdities nonetheless. Last, but certainly not least, Shotgun, who is despite what he thinks himself, one of the greater rpers about and writes the best loving mistresses. I'm so sorry. In the future I can be found bouncing around here:

While we are at drama, heres how 8chan treats budding gamedevlopers.:

Seriously. Its the internet. Even on a forum community you should allow for people to argue with one another. If I had such a thin skin there'd be no such thing as TLDH in the first place.