Saturday, September 24, 2016

Full Game: An Elven Tale II

The second part of my little CYOA series (Never planned it as a series, but apparently, now it is!) involving elves in a multitude of lewd, submissive situations. Larger than Elven Tale I and with pwetty picturez, this one features, in order of quantity: Futa/Female, Futa Dominant, Female Dominant, Mind control,  Sluttification, Pet play, Bondage/Submission, Transformation, Impregnation; with a total of 5 main characters, with 10 endings, Endinglist:
1. Beast of Burden
2. Luriels Pet
3. Kiriens Lover
4. Kiriens Slut
5. Ariens Bondage Slave
6. Magic overdose
7. Some of Everything
8. The Orcs Farm
9. The Orcs Harem
10.The Orcs Family

Not giving away more, have fun playing it and hunting for all the endings! 

Important note 1:  Uploaded on mediafire because the online version would not display any pictures. I'll soon edit in an own page for the Elven tale series and include an online link without picsies.
Important note 2:  Sadly, the one making the pictures for this game kind of.. poofed and I couldn't reach them for over a month, so sadly its not completely image'd up. (I wanted to release it at a certain point, because if you put these things on the backburner they end up never getting finished.)

Next Week: More Order of Light stuff coming up!

Coming later today

~After all the proofreading/editing is done..~

 Elven Tale II

Saturday, September 10, 2016

The Last Demonhunter 0.52

-Completed Silverpine city, its now fully explorable with one new ending (Well, an old ending, but wrote about three times as much as the original had. Woo!)
-Added Greenvale, the Ice forest and the Werewolf forest from the original but did not yet begin remastering the areas.
-Bugfixes galore
*cough* you can also access the library now. You were ment to be able to do that beforehand, buuuut bugs are mean. Big lewd hentai scene can be found in that one.

Edit: Geesh, tricky library, another bugsquish update in 0.52a

Next Week: I'm working on a thing, but can't make promises I'll be done by the weekend. *Makes mysterious noises*

Note about the RTP, as I've been asked: The RTP bit in the link means Run Time Package, its an RPG Maker thing, you only need it if you haven't played any RPG Maker VX Ace games before (this or others). I don't always upload the newest version with an RTP, cause its a lot larger, and my internet is questionable atm.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

The Order of Light 3.6.2

This time, an entirely new special area, shortly before the ending of the game, where you encounter a crashed spaceship, a nasty, powerful creature trying to escape it.. and fanciful rewards for defeating said creature! (Or lewd rewards for losing to it, if thats your thing)

Next week: The Completion of Silverpine City in TLDH, with more lewdities.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Dark Recruitment 0.24

-Typo fixed and cleanwrote everything up till current content, which was just as much fun as it sounds like. But hey, now it should be legible-ish.

-Added shortcuts for people that got stuck or don't want to hammer through it all again.
-Continued the storyline and  content. Next update for this game will have moar lewdities, promised.

(Note: Small Bugfix update!)

Play me!
Download me!      

Next up: Got a close family marriage thing going on soon, so no promises, busy busy rl times. Still planning to hammer on Silverpine City moar soon.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

The Order of Light 3.6.1

In this update: The completed elf village, with a good, evil and a naughty path, if you lose against Sintras agent, as well as a smaller new area beyond with a hungry little plant (vore warning)

Next up: Deva actually hammering on Dark Recruitment for a change, getting that up to standard plus working on the storyline.

Saturday, August 13, 2016


I felt like sharing my plight well, not really a plight, its a lot of fun to create something,  but its also not all easy sexy fun times to create an erotic scene, so.. just for those curious, on the left an ingame picture, on the right what it looks like, codewise. ^^

Beyond that, no game release this week, still hammering on stuff, next week will see an update to the Order of Light, completing the Elven village and a little additional stuff.