Friday, August 26, 2016

Dark Recruitment 0.24

-Typo fixed and cleanwrote everything up till current content, which was just as much fun as it sounds like. But hey, now it should be legible-ish.

-Added shortcuts for people that got stuck or don't want to hammer through it all again.
-Continued the storyline and  content. Next update for this game will have moar lewdities, promised.

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Next up: Got a close family marriage thing going on soon, so no promises, busy busy rl times. Still planning to hammer on Silverpine City moar soon.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

The Order of Light 3.6.1

In this update: The completed elf village, with a good, evil and a naughty path, if you lose against Sintras agent, as well as a smaller new area beyond with a hungry little plant (vore warning)

Next up: Deva actually hammering on Dark Recruitment for a change, getting that up to standard plus working on the storyline.

Saturday, August 13, 2016


I felt like sharing my plight well, not really a plight, its a lot of fun to create something,  but its also not all easy sexy fun times to create an erotic scene, so.. just for those curious, on the left an ingame picture, on the right what it looks like, codewise. ^^

Beyond that, no game release this week, still hammering on stuff, next week will see an update to the Order of Light, completing the Elven village and a little additional stuff.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Forum Roleplay with Deva

Oh hey there! Hey you, yes, you! Like my games? Of course you do, why else would you hang out here. Then perhaps I can interest you in an erotic mind control strategy game online I'm doing? Heres a short plot-Synpoisis:

350 years after the First Great war, now known as Year 1 of the Artimediosian calendre Magic and Technological advances begin to compete, or in some cases, coexist, as a new conflict brews, giant fortresses take to the air and a new kind of warfare begins, one where enslaving and aquiering anothers research, magic and advances gets more important than conquering them, as a new revolution begins. Steam-Machines vs magic, who will prevail?

Game will start in ten days, on the 19th, feel free to create and discuss preliminary characters.

Requires Hypnopics Collective account: (easy to make though)
See here for the OOC:

and here straight for character creation.

For more details. The More the merrier, this was an announcement by Deva, now returning to your regularly scheduled lewd game programming.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

The Last Demonhunter 0.51

-Filling Silverpine city with life, including but not limited to two Hentaiscenes, one requiering you to be nude, one with lewd art for Miay, one transformation gameover (Ending 55)
-Some portraits added
-Will I ever finish squishing bugs? Lotsa bugs cleaned up, among them some issues with the nudity script.. try undredssing Ayla and talking to various NPC's if you don't know what that is. ^^

Next up: Eeeh, fighting with some RL issues, actually. Been on the road 13ish hours today, draining, even if you visit a fun place. 
Still working on Silverpine City, but wont be done till next week.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Last Demonhunter 0.50

Little late release, I had a social and some RL stuff on saturday. Anyway, here you go with:

-New Hentaiscene in the library of the Jade tower, drawn by 7th Heaven
-New fight and Gameover when trying to go to the mainland-bridge
-Began remastering Silverpine City (Completely new look but most buildings still inacessible)
-More portraits added to Graycity
-Bunch of bug and inconsistency fixes as well as updates to skills and items, lotsa new items made, shops coming soon

Also, finally added the book-counter thats priorly been so static in the menu, the reason for it counting only specific books will be revealed.. in due time.  

Next release: Filling Silverpine City with moar life. Lewd life. 

Monday, July 25, 2016

Game commentary

Its time for another raaant.. as suprisingly some folks enjoy reading those. ^^

You know what I need? N.. no not a million dollar in cash, though that couldn't hurt now that you mention it, I need a girlfriend thats willing to pose for my future game projects. *nods sagely*

Why you wonder? Well, apart from it being hot, the comments I get on my games can be roughly sorted into three categories:

1. Awesome encouragement or expressions of eagerness for the next release, occasionally intermingling with 2.

2. Bug reports, ranging in their helpfulness from screenshot of the precise issue with comment on how the issue happened to 'Game crashes in area X, fix plz'

3. Request I include more pictures and CG's, prefably animated ones in the game. Preferably preferably animated sex scenes for all the monsters.

Fact is, a CG, not a rendered 3d image, not that those necessarily look bad, but a lovingly drawn by hand CG that looks the part is over 100$ a piece. (TLDH's intro actually being the most expensive one, unless you count all the characters and outfits as one singular pile)
Now I've not minded skipping out on a holiday to make this game look awesome, and with the help of Patrons, made it look awesomer, thanks to you all again, though, another sad fact is I just.. parted with my job, and am now looking for a new one(might share more details in a patreon rant), not that I'll struggle to find one, but the whole process, and exspecially moving is expensive and annoying.
Animated CG's can also carry a certain danger, well, not in times of super fast internet.. but not everyone has that, and a full animated CG of a single scene is usually several Mb big. Compare my games size to some commercial games with the same basic design, and you'll notice that we're already upper middlefield, and the game is far from done yet, so I have to balance just how much art to add where to.

So yeah, not to sound greedy, but CG's will get added as I have money, for example through the patreon growing, plus if I actually find capable artists that meet at the golden intersection of ok quality vs not too high prize, and I'm sure with me explaining this once I'll never again get a comment of the third kind. Right. .. right?

Now, have a funny for listening to me: