Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Me on a relaxed saturday, literally don't have shit to do but trying to work on the patreon preview in time ('s supposed to be a week early but usually ends up being 6 days something early <.<): Ugh.. gotta.. write.. another sentence... at least...

Me, after working 9 1/2 hours in my new job with overtime: Oh boy golly, I think I'll be working on the next game area today, I got some marvelous energy and I had a great new mechanical idea!

Brain, Y u no make sense?

Have a funny while at it.

Friday, October 14, 2016

The Last Demonhunter 0.53

 -Remastered the Werewolf forest(Lower left forest area in the icelands) with two new Endings. Two more to come on next release.
-Over 50 Spelling/Typofixes. Rawr. Some bugfixing too, finally caught a bug that left you unable to view the second angel scene, hidden in the snowforest area. 

Next up: Finishing the Wolf forests lewdities and beginning the remastering of the Greenvale village.

If you haven't played an RPG Maker game you also require this file here: RPG Maker RTP

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Last Demonhunter - Remastering WIP

Little preview, click to enlarge. The area is also a lot bigger, but this way you can compare it better side by side. Obviously the encounters in the werewolf forest have been reworked too, with 3 new gameovers, 2 of which will be in version 0.53.
Little preview for TLDH 0.53 on the left is the map in the original game, on the right the remastered version. 

Sunday, October 9, 2016

The Order of Light 3.7.2

-You can explore the full Slave market with the Cursed/Drugged and Painslut paths.
-Lotsa evil bugs and typos fixed.

Next week: A long awaited wolfish update to TLDH. I've been awfully delayed with RL stuff like moving and finding a new job, Thanks to Aggra for holding the line. ^^

Saturday, October 1, 2016

The Order of Light 3.7.1

-Added a slave market area, though right now only the cursed route is acessible, other routes default to cursed.
-Implemented the often requested 'skip' option, allowing you to skip to major parts of the game

Next weeks lewdity: Moar updates to the Order as Deva moves around.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Full Game: An Elven Tale II

Update: Make sure to re-download it. So programming is fun, I wrote everything perfectly, but capitalized the 'Set variable X' in the wife part. It looked as if it should work like the other paths and I tested only one of them.. Anyway, bugfix update is up!

The second part of my little CYOA series (Never planned it as a series, but apparently, now it is!) involving elves in a multitude of lewd, submissive situations. Larger than Elven Tale I and with pwetty picturez, this one features, in order of quantity: Futa/Female, Futa Dominant, Female Dominant, Mind control,  Sluttification, Pet play, Bondage/Submission, Transformation, Impregnation; with a total of 5 main characters, with 10 endings, Endinglist:
1. Beast of Burden
2. Luriels Pet
3. Kiriens Lover
4. Kiriens Slut
5. Ariens Bondage Slave
6. Magic overdose
7. Some of Everything
8. The Orcs Farm
9. The Orcs Harem
10.The Orcs Family

Not giving away more, have fun playing it and hunting for all the endings! 

Important note 1:  Uploaded on mediafire because the online version would not display any pictures. I'll soon edit in an own page for the Elven tale series and include an online link without picsies.
Important note 2:  Sadly, the one making the pictures for this game kind of.. poofed and I couldn't reach them for over a month, so sadly its not completely image'd up. (I wanted to release it at a certain point, because if you put these things on the backburner they end up never getting finished.)

Next Week: More Order of Light stuff coming up!

Coming later today

~After all the proofreading/editing is done..~

 Elven Tale II