Saturday, January 21, 2017

The Last Demonhunter 0.6

Soo whilest there is a new, actually patreon requested enemy and gameover that wasn't in the original I'd consider it only a small release. Truth be told I had another naughty scene almost readied and up to go, buuuuuut then I realized 'Hey, I got this entire desert city to fill with content, how about I save this one 'till there.
 Anyway, in this release:
-One new gameover at the desert entrance if you chose to fight but lose,
-New but not finished areas in the desert added for remastering

I'll be planning out completely new stuff (the original had desert bandits and mummies, the remastered will have goblin bandits, with desert slavemistress leaders, Kitsune in several variations, normal and futa mummies, an evil pharao harem, etc)
While next weeks public release will be by Aggra, continuing lewdities for the Order. 

Saturday, January 14, 2017

The Order of Light 3.8

We are nearing the final stretch. For the order of light. In this release you can enter the capital with a new bad ending if you are brainwashed by Sintra, one if you defeat the princess but lose afterwards and one if you defeat the character after the princess.
The true ending is still in the working, though the first encounter for it is finished already as well. Once the true ending is completed alternate paths (Sintra/Demon ally) will be explored.

The next release will be for TLDH and focus on the beginning of the desert area.

Saturday, December 31, 2016

The Last Demonhunter 0.59

-With the completion of the Icetemple and entire ice area come two more naughty, tentacly endings, very much remastered from the original, for your playing pleasure. The first true boss of the game makes their apperance and Ayla and her companions prepare to head to the Desert next, with a potential sidestop to make room for some new lewd content.

Happy 2017 Everyone!

Coming in 2017 :(Cue trailer music)

TLDH: Dragon sexytimes, a remastered desert, more naughty bug sex and more lost slimey, a perverted pharaoh, dickgirl mummies, a journey to the mainland and moar pron lewdities all around!
Also, unique ending pictures for individual gameovers, voted for by Patrons.

The Completion of the Order of Light with its differing paths and good.. or naughty endings. The Order updates with encounters facing the endgame of Niltarus adventure will begin, next week.

Moar Dark Recruitment stuff!

We'll see what the year shall bring.

Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas Releases II - Dark Recruitment 0.25

Ok, ok its only a picture update, no additional text.. but it is a picture update. Yey! A while ago I had the patrons vote if we wanted black and white art for Dark recruitment, and it won out. So now we got character art, and the first scene (Zil blowjob) With more in the pipeline and a future update for Dark Recruitment, somwhere not too late in 2017. 

Happy remaining christmas time everyone!

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas releases! The Last Demonhunter 0.58

Update: Theres been a sneaky edit in the ice-forest to fix a few walkability issues and make the icecave acessible, totally my bad. As consolation, have a preview of the dark mistress that awaits you on new years(or soooon for patrons!) MWHAHAHA:

-Icewastes and the Icetemple Exterior remastered, including one new gameover if you get lost on the way to the temple.
-Bugfixes, you know the drill.

But wait, theres more! An update for another game will be coming on Christmas monday, as additional christmas present thingie. ^^
Finally, for the christmas days I intend to update our Tumblr daily with upcoming artworks and sketches for future TLDH scenes, so if thats your thing, feel free to check it out.

Meanwhile, over at the Patreon we have reached the 800$ goal, so slowly I shall be working on adding unique gameover pictures for your favourite scenes. I'm also working hard on releasing the ENTIRETY of the remastered Ice-Temple for Patreons on Christmas, everyone else on new years, to complete the ice-lands area and move on to the desert and naughty endeavours involving it. Look forwards to Futanari (And regular) Mummies and horny(In every meaning of the word) dragons hunting Ayla. 

Oh and before I forget it, here, get yourself in the proper holiday mood while you download!: Just Click Here

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Ice Temple Remastered

Another little preview of the remastering process, this time the Ice Temple, the beginning of which will be coming in the new release, this christmas. Fully remastered Icetemple, and thus the completed Icelands ETA the very end of this year, so I can start workin on the Desertlands in 2017.

Before / After

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Order of Light - Bugfix release

-Updating the order of light, fixing the Bee-Queen and polishing the escape scene.

Fair warning, no update beyond patreon this week, I blame christmas chaos and myself being a lazybum. Most definitly not trying to hammer out something bigger because I want to say I finished the Ice area this year.

Unrelatedly, Order of Light and TLDH aside, yes, Dark Recruitment is still hot and coming (kinky) infact, see: Our Tumblr for a teaser of things to come. ^^