Saturday, January 6, 2018

Dark Recruitment update and a poll.

First of all, an update to my Dark Recruitment game, with one new lewd ending and a story continuation up to the confrontation with Mistress Bathory in her tower. The game-story is picking up speed now!

Next up for me, I'll be working on TLDH's naughty fairy encounter.

Also, Aggra made a poll for the second episode of Tales of Ameria, asking which monstergirls you primarly want featured, you can find it Here

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

The Order of Light Completion!


You can find the final update to the Order of light, with the completed Demonpath, Full game, barring potential bugfixes. Enjoy!

But not yet done, Aggra did a little sidegame, see Here
For the Tales of Ameria sidegame, in which you will be investigating the house of father christmas, after he sought the help of the shrine of tranquility. His elven helpers have been changed as of late, turning them into silly pranksters.
Other elves that fell for the traps too have seen to be changed by those naughty girls.

Miyako is to search out the traps and see to it that no other elves will run into them.
The question though, won't Miyako fall for the traps?
Or will she become just as an evil little elf as the others?

FINALLY, an update to The Last Demonhunter, mainly bugfixes, but also a CG update and ending polishing for the patreon voted upon Futa-Fallen Demonhunter scene, see below for lewds, Game can be found Here

Everyone a Merry Christmas and a lewd but happy 2018 in advance!

Saturday, December 9, 2017

The Order of Light - Demon Path II update

 Hello guys, a new release for The Order!
With this content release, Niltaru and Hilde will be invading the portal of shadows to deal with the nuns that are a constant threat to the demons and their plans. With the help of their new succubi powers .
After conquering the nuns Niltaru and Hilde will proceed to their next targer, the capital of the country to take on the order and Sintra herself, though that will be part of the next, and probably final release for the order of light.

Next up: Arrgh Christmas season, Y u so busy? Nothing next week, propably tinkering on some larger Christmas release thing, hold tight!

Finally, a note on Patreon support: Patreon had the glorious idea to change how they wanted to do business, which they have done far too whimsically, exspecially for erotica creators. They have since rolled these things back, so .. hey, if you wanna give a lil christmas present for the lewdities you are playing, I guess here is your chance again. 
That said, I'm looking forward to seeing a more adult-friendly competition develope in due time.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

The Last Demonhunter 0.72

New update for The Last Demonhunter, featuring the resting scene no.5, some social interactions with all your companions, including 'social' interactions with Aylas sister in a dream.  
Also, the usual dirty business of squishing a bunch of reported bugs.

Next up/on the Patreon: An update to The Order of Light, with a continuation of the Demon path. 
Next in TLDH: Going to work on the Fairy-forest Lewdities plus transformation.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

The Order of Light: Alternate ending paths and Tales of Ameria art update

Whats up everyone, bigger update after a little while of silence, I most definitly did -not- forget to make a public update after bugfixing issues oh no.
This update will feature:
The Order of Light, Sintra admirer path completed with new endings;
The Order of Light, beginnings of the demon path; serve your new queen in conquering the world.
Niltaru and Hilde are sent to deal with Tear to put an end to her wayward ways and bring her back to the path of proper demonic servitude.

Tales of Ameria: A graphic update, featuring a Hentai-CG for the third Gameover path, Lesbian Mistress Xenthia, sample below!

Next week/Patreon update: Deva stopped lazing about and finished TLDH 0.72, with socializing resting place lewdities.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Tales of Ameria CG updates

Just a tiny update adding moar hentai artstuff to Tales of Ameria, this time the Ruffian Henatiscenes, as voted on by you.

Next week there'll be an update to the Order of Light, completing the Sintra alternative victory path. Yey!

Sunday, October 29, 2017

The Last Demonhunter 0.71 (and hentai art updates)

'sup, here for ya with an update to The Last Demonhunter, with a variety of things:
-Finished the desertland area with the final Desertraider area and a remastered bad ending for the raider-mistress as well as a few interactions after you free the slaves.
-Completed the blocked bridge quest and added a teleport to there, heads up: That's pretty much the end of current content, but it should help you if you get really stuck, though I personally recommend exploring/The wiki.
-Various bugfixes, some srs some cosmetical. 

Also! An update to Tales of Ameria with a CG art for the highest voted hentaiscene with the orb, see the download bar on the right.

Next up/on patreon: An added Hentai CG for the Ruffian scene in Tales of Ameria!

Feed ma patreon to reach the 800$ goal so I can comission even more lewds :P